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As a professional ACC coach (certified according to ICF guidelines), I offer you a continuous partnership to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. I support you in improving your performance and your quality of life.

For me, the focus is on listening to you. Through that and through observation, I adapt my approach to your personal needs. I will work with you to find solutions and strategies that will help you move forward. I am convinced that by nature you are creative and already have the solutions within you. My mission is to support you in discovering this creativity and these solutions in you.

I specialize in two areas: business coaching and life coaching. In the area of business coaching I can also assist you in an advisory or mentoring capacity due to my many years of experience as a CEO. In life coaching it is very important to me to give you a space where you can take the time to develop yourself.

I coach in English. Ich coache in Deutsch. Je coache en Français. 


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