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Life and Change Coaching 

From the caterpillar to the butterfly


Human beings usually develop steadily in their lives. However sometimes there are moments when you feel like you can’t get any further. Good coaching can help you in these situations.

I compare the coaching process to the caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly. It first pupates, then undergoes a transformation and finally emerges as a beautiful butterfly that flies. From up there it suddenly has a completely different perspective on the same world.


As a professional coach (certified according to the ICF guidelines) I offer you a continuous partnership. I give you the space and time you need to go through that transformation.

In our fast-paced world, it's becoming increasingly important to have the opportunity to step back and take your time to think about your own life and the skills you have. Often, we do carry unconscious beliefs for many years. They prevent us from fully developing our abilities.

I am convinced that you have the natural creativity in you and that the solutions are already there. Through my active listening and asking specific questions, you will have the opportunity to get to know yourself better and to go through life with more lightness, confidence and happiness.


What might be your take-aways from being coached?


  • You will have more clarity about the purpose and meaning of your professional and / or private life.

  • You will know your talents and values ​​better.

  • You will become a better leader for others and for yourself.

  • You will improve your self-awareness.

  • You will gain self-confidence and satisfaction.

  • You will find a deeper connection within yourself.

  • You will build constructive relationships with others.

  • You will be able to better connect with your needs, feelings and intuition.

  • You will bring inner peace, lightness and optimism into your life.

  • You will have learned to develop and support yourself in the future.

My services:


  • 1:1 Life Coaching

  • Stress- and Burnout Resilience Coaching


Methods and tests used:


Classical Coaching, Consulting, Optimism Coaching, Strengthfinder (Clifton-Strength), Barrett Values Test and WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0

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