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About Alexandra Fay (Philipona), PCC, ICF

I am passionate about personal growth and learning, and that makes me also a passionate teacher and coach.

As an international Professional Certified Coach I support my clients in their personal growth; to become authentic leaders who are living a fulfilled life.

As a teacher at the ICA (International Coaching Academy), a Mentor Coach and a Coaching Supervisor I support other coaches to improve their coaching skills.

As an international speaker I support the coaching community.

With my approach of holistic mind-body coaching, I coach both mind and body. I combine my knowledge of yoga, meditation, Thai massage, and TCM with coaching, which enables my clients to achieve changes in their subconscious. The coaching results are therefore much more sustainable and it is easier for them to achieve the desired goals in the long term.

I've started my career as an engineer and took over the position of an associate CEO in a company with over 250 employees at the age of 32.

Being a mother of 4 children gives me the personal experience what it means to be at the limit and still perform on a high level; as the understanding how hard it can be to set priorities.

I love studying and growing my knowledge. That's why I constantly explore more about personal development and coaching. 

I have worked in Germany, France, Austria, India and Switzerland, where I live currently. Hence, I am fluent in English, German and French.

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"I   believe in  freedom, authenticity, wisdom and strength. "

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Currently I am the Leader of the ICF Community in Berne where I am organizing events for coaching training, and I am a board member of ICF Switzerland to support the quality of coaching in Switzerland.

Find more information, about the events of the ICF Switzerland.

What sets ICF Credentialed Coaches apart?

Anyone can call themselves a coach. ICF Credentialed Coaches are professional coaches who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession.

Achieving credentials through ICF signifies a coach’s commitment to integrity, understanding and mastery of coaching skills and dedication to clients.


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