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Executive Coaching

Uncover the secret of a successful and happy life!

Executive and Professional Coaching services

A minimum of three months of coaching services is recommended to start recognizing behavioral changes.

  • Executive Coaching Sessions: Strategy setting and execution, on boarding, leadership development and growth, emotional intelligence, diversity, and inclusion practices, change execution, WorkPlaceBigFive assessments, conflict resolution, developing high performing teams, etc.

  • Executive Wellbeing Coaching Sessions: Supporting executives to achieve every aspects of their wellbeing: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual as well as professional. The sessions may include recognizing stress response, enabling healthier lifestyle, having a balanced life, establishing healthier eating habits, including self-nurturing and self-care time in one’s daily/weekly schedule, etc.

  • Team/ Group Coaching Services: Supporting teams and groups to collectively find resolutions, growth, harmony, deeper levels of understanding themselves and each other to achieve higher performance. Participants learn through exchange and interaction with each other. The energy, synergy, wisdom, contributions, feedback, encouragement, and support from each participant accelerate learning, growth, and the attainment of each participant’s goals.

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