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Leading & Coaching Across Cultures Program
Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) Certification


Intensive & Experiential Advanced Program

for Leaders, HR professionals, Supervisors, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants and Intercultural


.Prof. Philippe Rosinski, MCC, The bestselling author of "Coaching Across Cultures" and "Global Coaching" will provide the second ONLINE edition of the acclaimed Leading & Coaching Across Cultures - COF certification program.


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To learn more about the Leading & Coaching Across Cultures Program click here.

TESTIMONIALS from our participants in the online editions:
"Leading and Coaching Across Cultures was a wonderful learning experience. The Cultural Orientations Framework offers a powerful and versatile framework, with which to better understand and leverage the potential of cultural differences across individuals and groups. The program was carefully curated to be a blend of theoretical inputs coupled with hands-on practical application of concepts – the diversity and multicultural nature of my program cohort was in itself a rich source of insights. I’m looking forward to applying the tools and concepts I’ve learnt, on both my coaching assignments, as well as in my organizational work context which involves communication and change management across multiple geographies and organizations."
Raj Dharmaraj, India

"A highly recommended seminar, brilliantly delivered by Philippe, Phek and Gregory! It perfectly combines theory and practical applications. You will discover or revisit how powerful culture diversity is and how to leverage it in your coaching and/or leadership to unleash human potential and achieve a higher performance."
Valerie Guglielmi, China

"Reading Philippe’s books is one thing and taking the course with him personally is another thing. Philippe is humble and open and create a space of exchange that takes the participants to another level of understanding of the cultural orientations framework and coaching across cultures. Getting to practice the COF deepens the learning and opens up so many opportunities on how to be a global coach in these new VUCA world. If you believe like me that effective coaching is holistic and should integrate many perspectives to support your clients in their growth journey then you have already embraced Philippe’s global approach and this course is for you."
Linda Bawazir, Thailand

"I was looking for a practical and mind-opening tool to work with teams. The COF really has all I need to tap into cultural diversity and leverage on each individual’s potential."
Antonino Faibene, Portugal

"I first heard about this seminar in 2013 when I lived in Shanghai, China, but only now was able to take part in it thanks to an online format. I am very satisfied with this course. The richness and depth of the model makes it relevant and applicable by coaches and trainers for helping leaders in MNCs and entrepreneurs in start-ups, for working with teams and organizations in private and public sector and for solving larger societal issues. It is quite a unique framework developed by the world leading intercultural coach for intercultural coaches. I look forward to applying the COF in my coaching work."
Natalia Fey, Finland

"Ours was the first online offering of the Cultural Orientations Framework certification program.
Before the program began, we were warmly welcomed into the community by the co-leaders.
We were assigned pre-work that required us to be vulnerable, creative, analytical, and strategic– a perfect introduction to the COF and the cultural complexities it illuminates.
Coming from this common experience, international colleagues stepped into the learning space with curiosity and trust.
Encouraged by all the leaders, over the coming month we built on the initial trust; experienced real-time cross-cultural learning; explored ‘blind spots;’ and reflected on how interventions could broaden understanding and enhance performance.
The Cultural Orientations Framework, with its nuanced dimensions and the holistic, creative approach to cultural learning modelled by Philippe Rosinski and the team, is invaluable for exploring not only team and board diversity but also for gaining essential cultural self-awareness."

Claire Rettie, Canada


In our multicultural and fast-changing environment, it is essential to embrace diversity, bridge cultural gaps, learn from cultural differences for more creativity, allowing us to act responsibly, overcome divisions, live meaningfully and strive for internal and external unity.

Leadership and coaching that integrates multiple perspectives is a powerful vehicle for enabling sustainable and global success for ourselves and others. The program focuses on the cultural perspective in the context of a broader vision that also integrates physical,  managerial,  psychological, political and spiritual perspectives.

The objective of the program is to equip leaders, HR professionals, coaches, supervisors, trainers and consultants to systematically integrate the cultural dimension into their work. The program is also destined for interculturalists eager to integrate coaching  into their practice.



Individual: one-to-one coaching and leadership development training
Team: team coaching
Organization: organizational development (e.g., cultural auditing &

facilitating integration in Mergers & Acquisitions and alliances)
Society: contributing to societal progress and harmony


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  1. Highest Standard and ICF Approved. Our program is ICF approved ensuring  alignment to the highest global coaching standards. The whole program (COF Certification + COF Master Certification) represents 30 CCE units (Continuing Coaching Education hours – all Core Competencies).

  2. World-class Master Trainer. Philippe Rosinski, a bestselling author and world authority on coaching global leaders, will be facilitating this program.

  3. Strong Track Record. This LCAC program has been delivered around the world  including in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, London, New York, Sydney, Paris, Buenos Aires, Oxford, Roma, Prague,  Amsterdam and Brussels and won wide acclamations from participants.

  4. Alumni Network. Graduates from this program will be invited to join a group of over 450 LCAC alumni for ongoing learning, support and networking.

  5. Certification to administer the COF Assessment. Become certified to use/administer the Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) assessment, and possibly COF Master Certified (at no additional cost).



  1. Learn how to release full potential in individuals enabling greater and sustainable success by making the most of alternative cultural perspectives.

  2. Acquire skills that allow you to extend beyond cultural norms, values and beliefs when leading a diverse workforce or co

  3. Discover creative solutions to leverage cultural differences and address complex and multidimensional challenges.

  4. Gain higher levels of self-awareness and personal fulfillment while enhancing your positive impact on others.

  5. Maximize opportunities from diversity and achieve superior results for your organization.

  6. Become certified to use and administer the COF online assessment with individuals, teams and organizations.


There are two levels of certification, each with specific requirements and ICF approved.


After completing the 3-week program, you will obtain the COF Certification. 
You will be able to use and administer the COF online assessment.
You will be invited to join the group of LCAC alumni.

Approved by ICF (International Coaching Federation) 21 CCE hours
Core Competencies



After obtaining the COF Certification, you will have the possibility -
at no additional cost - to become COF Master Certified. 
You will be invited to join the group of LCAC Masters.
You will essentially need to use successfully the COF assessment in a
substantial client project (e.g., one intercultural team coaching, five
Individual intercultural coaching). 

Approved by ICF 9 CCE hours Core Competencies


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COF master certified.png



Integrating the Cross-cultural Dimension into Leadership & Coaching 

Theoretical Foundations:

  • Global leadership and coaching to address complex challenges in today’s interconnected and turbulent environment

  • Global leadership and coaching to achieve sustainable and meaningful success

  • A novel, inclusive and dynamic understanding of culture

  • Explore attitudes vis-à-vis cultural differences from ethnocentrism to leveraging cultural diversity

  • Decipher cultural differences and identify new growth opportunities outside one’s cultural comfort zone and through the synthesis of differences, the Cultural Orientations Framework (COF)



  • Explore your cultures and how they affect your leadership or coaching through an inductive activity

  • (Re)connect with the wisdom in your cultures and discover lessons from others to address complex challenges

  • Debrief of the COF online questionnaire: individual and aggregate results, assets and developmental opportunities are discussed both for individual and group progress

  • Engage in a Diverse Team development action-learning project throughout the program



Leading and Coaching of Individuals, Teams and Organizations

Theoretical Foundations:

  • Become aware of your own cross-cultural orientations, learn to identify others’ orientations and effectively bridge cultural gaps

  • Learn how to leverage differences

  • Global team development

  • Global organizational development through alliances and M&As



  • Role-play challenging scenarios. A chance to practice, and exchange developmental feedback

  • Experiential activities: an opportunity to highlight our inevitable cultural biases and show ways to go beyond present cultural limitations

  • Case study (a cross-cultural merger): participants work individually and collectively to come to problem-solving consensus



Engaging in Your Own High-performance and High-fulfillment Journey 

Theoretical Foundations:

  • The Global Coaching Process to practically engage in leadership and global coaching: develop familiarity with a 3-step process to facilitate a high-performance and high-fulfillment journey with individuals and teams

  • The Global Scorecard: Learn to set objectives that promote business success while encouraging you to take care of yourself, nurture relationships, and serve society at large

  • Art and practice of leading and coaching across cultures

  • Leading and coaching from multiple perspectives: physical, managerial, psychological, political, cultural and spiritual

  • Möbius strip model: achieving unity in diversity



  • Group projects presentations: articulate findings and discuss process

  • Case study (a complex case of individual coaching): participants discuss their approach, and a multiple perspectives model is shared to unleash new growth opportunities

  • Participants engage in a self-assessment and become familiar with a goal setting process that enables global success

  • Learning how to use the COF assessment in practice: set up a COF project, generate  COF aggregate reports, etc. 

  • Peer-coaching: help each other articulate developmental objectives and action plans. integrate insights and feed- back gained during the program into the process

  • Finally, a time for celebration, sharing, and connecting to support each other and build new collaborations on the journey ahead

If you have any questions please contact Alexandra!

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