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Mentor Coaching
Bring your coaching to the next level!

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With my Mentor Coaching I support you in different ways to achieve the level of coaching which you need to become a PCC or to renew your ACC. For more information about the ICF requirements you can go to the ICF website.
For ACC renewal you need 10 Mentor Coaching hours - 7 Group Mentor Coaching hours, plus 3 one-on-one Mentor Coaching hours.


I believe that continues learning is great and important throughout our whole lives, and that's why Mentor Coaching is so important. It offers you to develop your own individual coaching style and to learn from me and other coaches, and have fun while doing so.

For that purpose I have developed different Mentor Coaching Formats:

Online Mentor Coaching Classes in English: 

We meet in a group of maximum 8 participants. These sessions are designed to learn the ICF way of Coaching, to practice my mind-body coaching method and to learn from each other.
Regardless of your credentialing level, you are welcome to join and participate actively.

When you have the feeling that there is more than coaching the mind, then you are right in this class. You will learn how to coach on a deeper level and support your client in a new fantastic way.

The hours are valid for your ACC renewal, and ICF accreditation ACC and PCC. 
(Price CHF 350 per 5 sessions excl. VAT)

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The next Online Mentor Coaching Class will start in soon.
19 May, 5/12/19/26 June

3:00-4:30 pm CEST


What participants say about the Group Mentor Coaching: 

"I have been working with Alexandra for over a year now. I have been a regular at her mentor coaching classes and now attending her supervision sessions for coaches. 
She has been a great part of my coaching journey and has been great support through my education as well as post graduation. Her feedback has been highly valuable and helped me to grow as a coach. I will continue wor
king with Alexandra for the foreseeable future and I highly recommend her both as a mentor coach and coach supervisor." Tuba M., London

"I strongly recommend it for who want to get to the next level!" Dr. Sherif A., Ticino

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One-on-one Mentor Coaching Sessions in English, German, and French - online or in person: 

Check out what suites you best!

1 hour skills and competencies development session

Deep Dive Sessions into the specifics regarding what each ICF Core Competency & PCC Marker means and sounds like in coaching.
(Price CHF 150/h excl. VAT)


1 hour supervision session

Real-time, Coach-the-Coach Sessions where you coach the client and I coach you, so you can own the experience of pivoting from basic to masterful coaching.  In the moment, means you internalize the process and recalibrate your neural-coaching pathways to function in a more potent, laser-like manner as you continue to practice and progress.  These sessions include coaching session debrief with verbal feedback.
(Price CHF 150/h excl. VAT)

1 hour debrief session

I will asses a recording (including a complete transcript of the session) which you send me in advance. Assessing coaching focuses primarily on what, you, the coach says and does with what the clients gives you, not what the client does for themselves. Feedback is based upon the ICF Core Competencies and PCC Markers and given in a manner that connects what the coach said to specific competencies and markers. The coach's contributions are assessed for identification of strengths -and the result or impact the demonstrated skill or competency had upon the client/coaching - as well as for spotlighting areas for development, growth, awareness & attention, including recommendations on how to take your coaching to higher levels. We will discuss all this in an 1 hour session.

As Coach, you will be asked to share:
What you think you did well. 
Where you recognize room for development. 

Then I will provide:
Overall spotlights of coaching: strengths and areas for greatest growth
Deeper details on some specific coaching moments
Alternative suggestions of what higher-level coaching would sound like in those moments
- Suggestions on how to address things in a more powerfully effective coaching manner

(Price CHF 300/h excl. VAT)

Individual Online Group Mentor Coaching Packages English, German, and French: 

If you prefer to get your 10 hours for ACC renewal in a small group this is the right package for you.

2, 3, or 4 participants, 9 weeks course includes:

9 group lessons (1 x 1 hour + 8 x 1.5 hours)
In the first group session we will have a close look at the ICF Competencies and PCC Markers. 
The following 8 group sessions include 15 min coaching per participant, 15 min individual feedback, 30 min group coaching.

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1 hour individual mentor coaching: 
a) Supervision Mentor Coaching Session: 30 min coaching + 30 min feedback (one client must be brought by the coach) OR
b) recording and debrief session: 30 min recording of a coaching session + 1 hour of feedback 

In total, each participant receives 5 hours of individual coaching, 5 hours of group coaching.
(Price on demand excl. VAT)

1:1 Mentor Coching
Online Group Coaching
MC Packages

If you are interested in Mentor Coaching, don't hesitate contacting me!

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