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Values - online workshop

Find out what is important to you by discovering your Values.

Who you are, what you hold dear, what upsets you, and what underlies your decisions, are all connected to your personal values.

Your values reflect what is important to you. They are a shorthand way of describing your motivations. Together with your beliefs, they are the causal factors that drive your decision-making.

The Value workshop and its purpose
The purpose of the workshop is to help you:
1. Identify what your Values are
2. Understand how they influence your decision-making
3. Understand your motivation in life

This training is for Executives, Coaches and any high evolved people who are interested to foster their personal growth. It is consisting of theory, and comprehensive exercises in a group of maximum 10 people. Each module is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their values. Modules include lectures, group discussions, Barrett Values Assessment, and homework assignments. The training supports students to continue to develop and refine their personal growth in a practical application of the learned knowledge. Students also experience one 1:1 coaching with the Professional Certified Coach to deepen their internal development and support their holistic welling.

Come to this training to enhance your knowledge about values and how they drive your daily behavior and find out what is really important for you to thrive.

Support yourselves as a leader or a coach by deepening your self-awareness and self-care practice. Improve your ability to listen to and understand yourself and others at a deeper level.

More information:

Online event on zoom

Starting on March 23rd, 2021

at 1.30 - 2.30 PM CET


2 hours  group coaching

1 hour   1:1 coaching with Alexandra, PCC

2 hours  self study

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