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Yin Yoga individual class

Find your inner balance in a healthy body!

Under Yin Yoga, I offer the following services:

  • Yin Yoga Sessions: Customized, private sessions towards your needs. No matter if you are already very flexible or if you are a beginner. I will adapt the session to your needs, ailments and current state of mind.

  • Guided Meditation: The guided meditation is always created around a specific topic. I will guide you to deeply connect with your body and relax fully during one hour.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is an innovative synthesis of traditional yoga, meditation, and Eastern approaches to healing and wellbeing.


There are two inspiring motivations to practice yoga regularly.

The first motivation is that daily inward-drawn attention teaches us how to heal and fully inhabit ourselves, developing an attitude of attentiveness and kindness within us. Patterns of neglect and self-abuse manifest in a myriad of habitual ways. When we regularly turn our attention toward our inner landscape in yoga practice, we learn how to avoid becoming ensnared by these familiar behaviors. Developing the mind to become our ally rather than a battle zone is one of the most challenging yet rewarding dimensions of our practice. Learning how to live in our bodies in a wholesome way and to be better friends to ourselves becomes the foundation of a compassionate worldview and is a prerequisite for more advanced practices.

The second motivation to take up a daily practice is to accelerate our ability to help, heal, and naturally love others. As our inward practices begin to take root, they rejuvenate our depleted vitality, freeing us from our tensions and reactive habits day by day. Inevitably this helps us become more able to sustain inspired support for and intimacy with others, without disconnecting from self-awareness. Adding practices of loving-kindness and compassion to our meditation time will help deepen our responsiveness, especially toward those in deed or suffering.

How do you work with me as your coach?

First, you’ll have an introductory session with me over the phone, zoom, or in person. After that the regular sessions will start. I will adapt the postures and meditation to your needs, abilities and expectations.


  • Yin Yoga session       60 min

  • Guided Meditation  60 min

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