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Holistic Mind-Body Coaching
Reconnect with your essential self!

What is Holistic Mind-Body Coaching?

When I was coaching regular clients who came to me for life- or work issues I saw very often that they were disconnected with their body. They tried very hard to find a solution only with their mind. This works of course to a certain extend but when it comes to old traumas, stress, grief, etc. we don't get very far if we don't include our body in the coaching/healing process. We store our emotions in our organs, our muscles, our cells. If we don't coach these emotions in the body we will still feel "not complete" although we have made great progress with coaching.


That's why I developed my Holistic Mind-Body Coaching. In this technique I include all the knowledge I have learned from:


  • Professional certified coaching

  • Yoga and Pilates

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Thai Massage

  • Reiki (Japanese energy healing)

If you want to know more how I have developed the holistic mind-body coaching and what it is watch this video:

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Human Evolution Through Books - HUMAN BEINGS, INTEGRAL BEINGS

March 27, 2022

I am speaking about my holistic mind-body coaching (it starts at min 35.10)

In Holistic Mind-Body Coaching I work on a deeper level with the client, on the subconscious. I coach the emotions, the energy and the whole being to support my client to reconnect with their essential self.


This doesn't only help to live a happier life but it can also help to get rid of:


  • back pain 

  • migraines

  • hip and knee problems

  • insomnia

  • digestive problems

  • and much more

    If you are interested to learn more, please don't hesitate contacting me! I am happy to share my experience.

Upcoming Event: 


Workshop for coaches and non-coaches!

In this workshop I will share my experience and the basic knowledge of my somatic approach in coaching. You will learn about energy, emotions, how they are connected to our muscles, joints, organs, to the whole body; and how this influences our life, our well-being. 


In a demonstration of a life mind-body coaching session so you can observe what is happening for the coachee, and what is different to standard coaching. You will observe what a difference it makes when I coach the energy and the emotions. 

Interested? Then please contact me for further information.

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