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Surfing in Australia

Life Coaching

What can you expect?

Stay on the wave and thrive!

Sometime we are facing difficult moments in life, the reasons for it can be various. The world turns grey and we feel quite lost. It is difficult for us to ask for some help. Unfortunately many of us wait too long, we are masters in ignoring all the signs which our body is sending us, such as back pain, fatigue, shoulder aches, and head aches.

In my own life, I have lived in this grey zones. Thanks to Yoga, Meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thai Massage, Reiki, and Coaching I got back on the wave where life is colorful.

That's why I have developed my own mind-body coaching style, using all these different techniques, to help my clients to get back on their wave. Where they can thrive and see their beautiful life in great colors.

When you could benefit from my coaching:

  • When you need some guidance on moving forward in your career.

  • When you want to learn how to take advantage of your own strengths and talents.

  • When you are unsure about a major life decision, such as a move or starting a new business.

  • When you are lacking a work-life balance.

  • When you do not know how to break through certain conditioning of your life such as perfectionism, feeling not enough, etc.

  • When you have a challenge to forgive someone or yourself.

  • When you want to turn your visions into a reality.

  • When you feel stuck in life.

  • When you feel a heaviness inside of you.

  • When you feel exhausted.

Find out if coaching is right for you:

Online Coaching

Since the very beginning of my coaching career I am coaching remotely.

The advantage of Online Coaching are vast. Just some examples: 

  • You don't have to travel to my place for your coaching session, this is a great gain of time.

  • Online coaching is very efficient.

If you have never worked that way. Just try it and see how well it works!


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