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What can you expect from Coaching? ​

In Coaching, the emphasis is on experiencing, and the shifting of perspective and position. Rather than focusing on what has happened, the emphasis is on what is possible.

Coaching is solution-based and solves problems of the present - it enriches your life!

Coaching uses powerful techniques (tools, support, and structure) to clarify your goals, values, purpose, and vision and to keep you focused on your priorities.

It will create prosperity, balance, and fulfillment in your life. Through coaching, you can achieve your goals and dreams by breaking them down into smaller more manageable pieces. Each week, you move closer to what you really want.

Talking with a friend may be helpful, but coaching offers undistracted listening that is non-judgmental, trusting, honest, and exceptionally objective.

The questions posed challenge the spoken words and delve into the real meaning of what is being heard.

Your Coach is your resource person with a large tool kit to assist you in developing and pursuing your vision so that you achieve positive, permanent results.

Top Ten Reasons to Try Coaching

Overall Coaching Results:

  • Spend time doing what you want – and with whom you want as often as possible.

  • Feel good about your life.

  • Get to where you want to be – faster

  • Have an objective listener offering solid feedback and total support

  • Move beyond obstacles that block you from reaching your goals

  • Design your own plan to create the experiences you want to have

  • Establish your self–value and your value to others

  • Maintain motivation to achieve your goals

  • Learn new paths, new ideas, and new ways to do things

  • Have the freedom to express your thoughts and share your ideas

  • Feel empowered to make changes and live your dream

  • Create and achieve your vision

Coach provides:  Client:

- presence - is open to possibility

- knowledge and wisdom - is eager to act

- tools - is excited to learn

- experience - is excited to learn

- structure - has courage to experiment

- clarifiers - has desire to collaborate

- concepts - is able to implement

- frameworks - is willing to grow

- possibilities

- solutions

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